1. Grammar and Spelling - This wiki follows the conventions of American English to keep the wiki consistent, any and all edits should use the appropriate spelling, phrasing and punctuation.

2. Images - Images on articles are to be in a .PNG format or of the highest quality possible. Images are to be from an official source, no fan made content is to be place on the wiki pages. Fan art may be uploaded but not for the Offical pages.

3. Renaming - If the user wishes to rename an article in other cases than a typo, the user must inform a Bureaucrat or Administrator, stating the reason why it should be renamed. 

4. References - If information is revealed via sources other then the Game itself (e.g. Sayori's blog), please add a reference tag to the Trivia section.

5. Vandalism - Any user caught vandalism or trolling pages or users will be given a warning, if the issue persists the user with be blocked for a certain amount of time depending on the severity of offense. 

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