Nekoichi (ネコイチ?) is the third theme song that appears as Nekopara Vol. 3's main opening song. The lyrics were composed by Scuderia K and sung by Duca.

Two versions of the song were produced; the official recent version contains more synth than the other.


Japanese Romaji Translation


  • Director: Junichi Doi
  • Lyrics: Duca
  • Composition: Scuderia K
  • Arrangement: Scuderia K
  • Guitar: Puyo Suzuki
  • Other Instruments: Scuderia K
  • Recording Engineer: Noriko Mihara
  • Mixing Engineer: Eiichi Nishizawa
  • Recorded at: Sound City
  • Mixed at: Sound City

Videos Edit

【ネコぱら Vol 3 ネコたちのアロマティゼ】OP02:15

【ネコぱら Vol 3 ネコたちのアロマティゼ】OP

Opening movie

ネコぱら Vol02:15

ネコぱら Vol.3 ネコたちのアロマティゼ OPムービー (修正版)

Opening movie (modified sound version)

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